Beautiful India

This past December we visited India as part of an inspiration trip with Architectour. Places included; Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Mumbai, Goa and Hubli.

We experienced India’s stunning architecture at sunrise, ate delicious local food and enjoyed its warm weather every day. For a month we were amazed by its eccentric chaos and we were lucky enough to be part of it. Every city had its own particularities but I’ll admit going to an Indian wedding was one of the most unique things I got to experience during this trip.

Traveling to India soon? Get inspired here.



Check these amazing spots of India on the map below or download The Free Architecture Guide of India:


80 thoughts on “Beautiful India

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    • That’s an issue… it was hard eating spicy food for breakfast haha. I didn’t have any problems but I was serious about taking care of myself because I knew it could be dangerous. However, my partner had issues with the food and we ate the same :S

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        • If you were ok in south east Asia, you might be fine in India. Just avoid curries and be very careful with water (even bottled one). But rice and bread will take care of you. Avoid going to Delhi, it was the worst city in terms of food and also safety (they hate tourists).


        • It turns out that “bottled water” from the kiosks wasn’t really bottled water. We only bought certain brands that were truly good. We would take for example the bottles at the hotels and carry them throughout the day with us. That way we didn’t risk it. But I guessed we would have got used to the “fake bottled water” eventually. Many people get sick by drinking tap water in London so I guess is a little bit similar. Don’t let this put you down anyways 🙂


        • The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings I ever got to visit. I can’t describe with words how amazing it is, it’s something one needs to see with their own eyes. If you need any recommendations, I am here 🙂

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  2. Hi Virgina, your sketch of Taj Mahal is really lovely. Thanks for sharing and congrats! If you give me permission I could mention it and publish it in the section about ‘Tourism and Transport’ with a link to your blog. Cheers!


      • Wow, I’m so hopeful sharing this little project with your blog. My next publish will be next wednesday about International Women’s Day, but next saturday I will publish your lovely sketch with some master’s works in the same section. I’m so glad for your true courtesy, and so convinced that all this will give us a nice memory. Have a nice week too, dear ❤


        • Wow, your Instagram account has a lot of wonderful sketches! I’m so glad for sharing this genuine and personal way to make souvenirs of journeys everywhere . This topic about Tourism that I will post next saturday isn’t a very often in my blog, but if you want, next time we can repeat this agreement and I would publish another by you. Thanks so much. See you on saturday. Kisses from Barcelona. Enric ❤


        • Aww honey! That’s nothing important. I have often been confused by the name or the surname. It is something we can all confuse. My brother-in-law has a worse situation because every time he picks up the phone, people confuse him as my sister. He has a very special voice. 😀
          We’ll talk on Saturday. Thank you for your comment and do not worry. Have a good week. Spring is coming ❤


  3. Hey, I am from India. Living in small city from Maharashtra state. From your post it seems that you have mostly visited in North India and Mumbai, Hubli at west. I would like to suggest you more places to discover in India. Kolkatta is one of the best city to visit and explore architecture. Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, Hampi in Karnataka both are world heritage sites and worth to visit for Indian Temple Architecture. Auroville for sustainable architecture and Kerala for its beauty.
    So next time whenever you visit make sure you have added these places in your list. ❤️


    • Hello Preeti, thanks for all your recommendations, it makes me dream of my next trip to India again. I’d definitely check all of these, at lest Khajuraho and Hampi (these are too impressive to miss). I’ve read so much about Kerala too, such a phenomenon. Next time I visit your wonderful country I will ask you directly for directions, as it would be most helpful 😊❤️


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