The Free Architecture Guide of Lisbon

Virginia Duran Blog- The Free Architecture Guide of Lisbon Very few people will leave Lisbon without falling in love. Beautiful and unexpected details such as a picturesque street, a magnificent viewpoint at the turn of a street and singular tiled façades will make you slowly fall in love. Its people, among the most friendly in Europe in my opinion, will make you feel at home. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Lisbon Architecture Guide 2016 (PDF) 

Download map here: Lisbon Architecture Guide 2016


26 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Lisbon

  1. Mmmm I don’t think so! 😉

    I visited Lisbon when I was only a child so I guess I’ll come back soon with your guide and then I’ll try to add something up, it will be difficult though!

    It is a thorough report..!


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