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I’m an Architect!

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Today I can proudly say I’m an architect. Very few people will understand what this means, what it implies. Yet, here we are, in the day that everything has finally ended. I am very grateful to my family and friends who supported me till the end, which I though was never going to arrive.

I have the strange feeling that my life is about to start, that something big is about to happen and that I’m ready for it.


Ps. Will publish all the material soon but if you wish to see the boards of my thesis this is the link.


71 thoughts on “I’m an Architect!

  1. I was going to say something like ‘nessuno e mai libero’, but that can wait for another day.

    Congratulations are in order for this day.

    . . . also, looked at the thesis . . . could not figure out what it was about, but then I’m an engineer, not an architect.


  2. Congratulations Virginia, my father was also an architect. I was forced by my parents to study for architect. But i never did… 35 years later i regret that i didn’t listen to them. Although i’m a very happy man…


    • One doesn’t have to go to architecture school to design- or even build- great stuff. And it’s never late to enjoy it anyways :)! I think I may take some time off of architecture after this intense year and a half. Need to get my health back hehe!


    • Kathryn!! This made me laugh out lout, so much positivism in just a comment. Thanks 😀 😀
      I am very very happy, slowly getting back to life. Starting to read what you all have been up to! Very excited for the upcoming future too! Hope you’re doing great and thanks for such a happy comment, it made my day!


  3. congrats virginia!
    i do understand what it means and i can also confirm that you will be starting into a new stage of your life.
    i wish you good luck and i hope to continue reading your gorgeous postings.
    my best wishes
    angélica colomine


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