The Free Architecture Guide of Shanghai (PDF)

Virginia Duran Blog- Shanghai Architecture Guide 2017 I had never been to China before this summer. I was very fortunate to have been awarded a full scholarship for Tongji’s summer program on sustainability and green practices. So I got the chance to visit Shanghai for the first time. I was deeply impressed by their culture, their philosophy and their construction methods. I had time to discover the best places of the city. Anything interesting in terms of architecture is here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know. My intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Shanghai Architecture Guide 2017 (PDF)
Download map here: Shanghai Architecture Guide 2017


60 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Shanghai (PDF)

  1. Hi Virginia
    I haven’t seen much of Asia, despite it being our nearest neighbour (some say Australia is in Asia…) but going to Japan next month, and have been in Singapore often. China is the next frontier. Thanks for stopping by my blog – as you will have seen, my special interest is Le Corbusier so I tend to look at everything through a Modernist’s eyes…which can be a good and a bad thing!
    Really struck by the generosity of your blog and looking forward to using it when I visit particular cities.


    • heheh that comment of Australia being in Asia made me laugh. Wow Singapore and Japan are definitely on my list for next year (looking forward to finishing this architecture thesis I’m doing), so I’ll definitely enjoy reading your posts about it. Have you visited Ronchamp?
      Thanks for your kind words, it’s a way for me to discover the world’s architecture and share what I’ve found interesting with others 🙂


    • Loved your post, and agree with you that every building surprises us in very different ways. I remember when I first saw it from the car, up in the mountain. I didn’t expect that. I spent a few hours wandering around and discovering every curve of the building, definitely one of my most favorite buildings of the 50s’.

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  3. Fantastic! Congratulations on your selection for this amazing opportunity. I’ve never been to Asia, but my husband has had brief visits in years past and was impressed and amazed at every turn.


  4. Enhorabuena por la guía de Shanghai, los arquitectos que vivimos aquí te lo agradecemos y ¡los que están de visita más aún!


  5. Wow, your list is so perfect 😍😍😍 I’ve spent one year study language in Shanghai, and yet i think i didn’t have the chance to visit all of them, definitely gonna visit them on my next visit! Thank you for the list, so useful!
    Just a little bit of idea, maybe if you could include pics of the buildings on your list, it would be better 😉😉😉


  6. Wow, your list is so perfect 😍😍😍 I’ve spent one year study language in Shanghai, and yet i think i didn’t have the chance to visit all of them, definitely gonna visit them on my next visit! Thank you for the list, so useful!
    Just a little bit of idea, if you could include pics of the buildings, it would be better 😉😉😉


    • Thanks so much for your feedback! You’re not the first person to tell me the picture thing, and you’re completely right 😉 Did you see the Google Map?

      I’m so jealous that you’re going to visit it soon. Chinese is so difficult, I tried learning it and didn’t achieve much 😦 Are you going there soon?


      • Ah, i just saw the map, sorry, my bad… Well then, if you could include the pics not just in the map but also in your list too, it’d be so much easier for the readers i guess 😉 unfortunately no, i haven’t had plan to go back there yet, since i just got back from shanghai last year and think want to visit other places first before going back, but i’ll go back there someday, just for holiday or maybe if i’m lucky enough, work. And yes, chinese is so difficult. The tone, the pronunciation and especially the characters, are hell, combine that with the crazy speed they have when they speak, it’s really really hard to be good in chinese. One year and i think my chinese still very bad, to be honest…


        • I’m sure is not so bad 😉 I really liked Shanghai but you’re right, there are so many places in Asia to visit. I’m planning a trip to Japan this summer, have you been there? Any other cities in Asia you’d recommend for future trips?


        • Not yet, but Japan is next on my list, for sure, i hope it’ll be next year. Really envy you right now 😮 😮 😮 Have you been to seoul or busan in south korea? My university went there for study tour once and they have many great buildings there. Or singapore and hongkong, their architecture are also great, i think. Dubai, i heard they’re nice, but never been there yet. But if you like beach and resort thing i recommend you to go to Bali, of course 🙂 so many beautiful beaches and there are many famous architects from round the world’s creation too.


        • I haven’t been to Korea, but its architecture is quite amazing from what I’ve researched! Singapore is definitely on my list, although it’s very expensive! Aw, travelling is such a good hobby 🙂


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