The Free Architecture Guide of Ibiza (PDF)

Virginia Duran Blog- IBIZA photography map 2013
Unlike my other architecture maps, this is a photography map. It includes the best 15 Panoramas of The White Island (specifying sunsets and sunrises) plus a little bit of architecture (few beautiful churches and a museum). If you want to have a peek at some of these pictures click here. If you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions please let me know, my intention is to keep it useful. Hope you enjoy!

Download pdf here: Ibiza Architecture Guide by Virginia Duran (PDF)

Download map here: The Free Architecture and Photography Map of Ibiza 2016


14 thoughts on “The Free Architecture Guide of Ibiza (PDF)

    • This is such a great discovery! Besides loving the web itself, it is indeed really useful! Right now this map thing is just a hobby, however, I would love to do something with it in the future (maybe when I finish my thesis…?). So ideas like this one are really inspiring to me. Thanks so much for sharing :)))


      • I keep dreaming with finding an app for the maps one day. It’s being kind of difficult finishing my architecture thesis. But without that I will get no degree. I am designing a dance center for the thesis by the way 🙂


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